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ICE 2016 Scientific Program

Scientific Sections

In the 21st Century, entomology has gone beyond borders. With its multidisciplinary approach, entomology explores new scientific frontiers.

Insect populations are moving beyond human-established geographical borders and the insect world is rapidly becoming a global system.

The ease of international transportation and increasing global trade allow the convenient dispersal of pests and associated diseases. Invasive arthropod pests in their new environments typically leave behind their natural enemies.

Climate change is already causing global changes in species diversity and distribution, and patterns of outbreaks of arthropod-borne pathogens can be affected.

Changes in current climatic boundaries, urban population development, and agro–ecosystem borders have significant implications for population dynamics of native and invasive species.

As the entomological world becomes a global system, there are increased challenges and opportunities for sustainable programs.

New resistant cultivars, major changes in integrated pest management programs, increased funding, and improved response time to new pest and associated disease outbreaks are essential to meeting the needs of the world’s food supply as the human population grows.

Internet and open access publication sources make it more convenient to communicate globally about entomological problems and solutions, and to forge collaborations.

ICE 2016 brings you the science of Entomology without Borders.

Please check back for a listing of plenary speakers.

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